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Many against the Moudawana reformation believed the UAF's campaign to be against the Islamic values traditionally held in Morocco. Nevertheless, discriminatory laws still exist, especially with regard to marriage, divorce, custody of children and inheritance. [7] Practically speaking, despite multiparty elections, the monarchy, and not parliament, is the site of strategic political decision-making in Morocco. It concerns issues related to the family, including the regulation of marriage, polygamy, divorce, inheritance, and child custody. Historically, the creation of the Mudawana in Moroccan law represented a major step in the political and legal unification of Morocco after it gained independence from the French. [17] Ibid. Slymovics, Susan. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2001. [8] Some have argued that the king's support was motivated as much by international pressures and his desire to join the European Union as domestic economic and political problems. The parent who gains custody of the child keeps the house. Elle a ouvert, cependant le champ pour cette catégorie de la société que sont les femmes à demander, un droit qui leur était inaccessible jusqu’à alors, le divorce. Article précédent Salaires des fonctionnaires: le Maroc prépare une grande réforme Article suivant Quel est votre pire souvenir de l’année 2017? In the end, the civil society associations that lobbied for the reforms had to work within the existing authoritarian system, appealing directly to the king for change rather than working through a democratic political process. Toutes les semaines, chronique de la vie quotidienne, sociale et culturelle dans les pays arabes. This Book was ranked at 16 by Google Books for keyword administration des soins de santé à l'étranger.. Book ID of La Moudawana, le nouveau droit de la famille au Maroc's Books is rSkJDuzIeF0C, Book which was written byOmar Mounirhave ETAG "AgzP2zTAVXY" Malchiodi, Beth. [28] Ibid. "The Politics of the Reform of the New Family Law (the Moudawana)." [11] As the French had ruled Morocco with a policy of legal pluralism (maintaining, for example, the existence of Berber customary law within Berber communities[12]), the new Mudawana was intended to signify the nation's unity, Islamic identity, and modernity. According to Fatima Outaleb, a member of the UAF, "The UAF was not dissatisfied with those reforms. [4], Morocco has been described as a “liberalized autocracy. Freedom House. [25] The Rabat march was quite successful, but it was eclipsed by the Casablanca march, which attracted a greater number of activists. Dispositions finales relatives à la moudawana de la famille A propos. The Moroccan Moudawana is a pioneering law in the Arab world, and has set an example in the region. [9] Supporters point out that the reforms indicate a democratization of Moroccan society on two fronts: because of the sense of pluralism and debate they sparked in the public sphere, and because of their movement towards an individual-based rights system, as opposed to one based on collective rights. This group, with input from several Moroccan women's organizations and funding from the World Bank, produced Le Plan d’action national pour l’intégration de la femme au développement (The Plan of Action for the Integration of Women in Development, or PAIWD). PDF. They argued that the Moudawana was a political document, not a religious one, and that it should therefore be handled by the Parliament, a secular institution, rather than the King, who was both a secular political leader and the "Commander of the Faithful." Nous avons créé ce blog afin d’aider les personnes à faire leurs achats sur les sites de Ecommerce. [6] Other problems with the judicial system include a lack of training among the judiciary and provisions of the law that allow individual judges to consult principles of Shari'a in situations that are not covered by the Mudawana. Vital Voices. Women's eNews. Touahri, Sarah. "[5] Its constitution grants the majority of executive powers to the monarch, including the power to appoint major ministers and regional governors, and the power to set the priorities of the national agenda; this effectively limits the power of political parties and the elected members of Parliament. [35] To this end, the UAF held seminars for women in rural areas to raise awareness that the Moudawana was the source of "widespread poverty, illiteracy, and even domestic violence. que le Maroc devienne, avec l'aide de Dieu, un grand chantier de production, générateur de richesse. [14] Even as various Muslim-majority states have expanded public civil and political rights for women, separate family laws rooted in Shari'a have often remained unchanged; for many Muslims, these family laws remain an untouchable symbol of Muslim identity. London: British Institute of International and Comparative Law, 2008. Women, the State, and Political Liberalization: Middle Eastern and North African Experiences. Souss Sahara Atlantique Groupement des CRTs et CNT : 2 têtes pour un seul corps ?. It concerns issues related to the family, including the regulation of marriage, polygamy, divorce, inheritance, and child custody. ", Ghazalla, Iman. Sater, James. Faculty of Oriental Studies: University of Oxford. [15], Jbabdi worked to engage her opponents in debate by incorporating a religious foundation to her arguments. Abiad, Nisrine. verabschiedet und hat sowohl positive als auch negative Reaktionen hervorgerufen. [3] This formed the foundation of one of the four major Sunni schools of Islamic jurisprudence still in existence today. [34] Sater, James. [8] Robinson, Helah. ALIMAROC ADDICT est un Blog pour les acheteurs Marocain. [27] The argument that follows is that the reforms are essentially superficial because it is in the government's interest to favor the maintenance of the status quo over the potential conflict that would arise were the reforms to be implemented on a full scale. Code de la famille au Maroc - Moudawana Texte de loi relatif à la moudawana de la famille au Maroc. Historically, this distinction, which must be conferred by the government, has provided a way for the Moroccan regime to exert a measure of control over civil society organizations, as those whose agendas conflict with that of the government typically find it difficult to obtain utilité publique status. While this incident served as a major roadblock for the UAF, King Mohammed VI's arrival onto the political scene was a blessing in disguise. The bill, which was passed into law in 1993, contained a few changes beneficial to women. ‌ [8], The King is not only a political leader, but also holds the title “Commander of the Faithful,” indicating his role as a religious leader as well. Women's eNews. Ouarzazate Le tourisme dans la région Drâa Tafilalet est face à un nouveau départ. The period of confinement decreed within the framework of the state of health emergency has highlighted the importance of the role played by women and their contribution to the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, said Saturday minister of Solidarity, Social Development, Equality and Family, Jamila El Moussali. A man's daughter's children as well as his son's children have the right to inherit property. Tennis’ Ace Card: Billie Jean King and the Battle for Women’s Equality, Uniao Nacional dos Estudantes: Generations of Student Struggle for Brazilian Rights, Through the Eye of the Needle: Frances Perkins and the Seamstresses’ Rebellion. [12] Though the Moudawana had inspired protest and calls for reform since its adoption in 1958, it was not until the UAF's One Million Signatures campaign, spearheaded by Jbabdi, that the Moudawana became a major national issue. This unofficial English translation of the 2004 Moroccan Family Law (Moudawana) was prepared by a team of English and Arabic speaking lawyers and a professional Arabic-English Moroccan translator at the Global Rights head Office in Washington and their field Office in Morocco. "A New Family Law in Morocco." Sharia, Muslim States, and International Human Rights Treaty Obligations. "[4], Using the momentum generated by the One Million Signatures campaign and the 1993 Moudawana reforms, the UAF and other women's groups continued to lobby the government by raising awareness of other issues affecting women such as rape and domestic violence. This affiliation lends them a sense of legitimacy as well as connections and support, but some argue that it limits their autonomy as well. [33] An important medium for disseminating their message was the ‘women's press,' consisting of newspapers such as 8 Mars and Kalima, which discussed taboo topics like domestic violence, single motherhood, and homosexuality. "Sculpting the Rock of Women's Rights: The Role of Women's Organizations in Promoting the National Plan of Action to Integrate Women in Development in Morocco." Additionally, the King created a Ministry in Charge of the Condition of Women, Protection of the Family, Childhood and the Disabled to advance gender equality, he consulted with women's rights activists, and he appointed a commission to revise the Moudawana. B elarbi Aicha, 1992, « Mouvement des femmes au Maroc », La société civile au Maroc, Éd. 25 novembre 2020 à 13 h 35 Alerte météo au Maroc: averses orageuses et chutes de neige à partir de ce mercredi; 25 novembre 2020 à 12 h 55 Zagora: portée disparue, la petite Marwa a été retrouvée saine et sauve; 25 novembre 2020 à 12 h 09 Message du roi Mohammed VI au président du Suriname; 25 novembre 2020 à 11 h 43 King Hassan II, who ruled from 1961 until his death in 1999, arrested, kidnapped, and tortured thousands of political opponents, especially during the failed coup attempts of 1971 and 1972. 1,063 likes. Le Maroc est un vrai modèle arabo-africain en termes de respect des droits de la femme. l'adoul risque lui … informal justice system as well as . [29] A few months later in October 2003, King Mohammed announced his decision to reform the Moudawana. In October of 2003, King Mohammad VI announced his intention to radically improve women's rights by reforming Morocco's Mudawwana al Ahwal al Shakhsiyyah, or Code de Statut Personnel,1 and in January 2004, parliament unanimously accepted a series of dramatic changes based on his suggestions. May 2007. Join us for in Rabat, Marrakech, and the Atlas Mountains April 19-25, 2020. Al3omk « Nous avons tiré la sonnette d’alarme à plusieurs reprises. All of Morocco's major women's organizations have positioned their work within an Islamic framework in some way, drawing on the work of Islamic scholars to inform their agendas. [5] Ibid. This was partly due to the reformists' beliefs and ideals, and partly due to the political reality at the time; King Hassan II was not sympathetic to the reforms, and so the UAF addressed their petition to the Prime Minister. Copyright © 2020 E-Collaborative for Civic Education. Moudawana: L'Union de l'action féministe appelle à réviser le code de la famille dans sa globalité 19 février 2018 - 06:57. If you do not have access to Google Play download the Android APK file below ( Android 4.2.2 and higher). Au Maroc, les mariages polygames gagnent du terrain, et ce, malgré la mise en place de la loi instaurée en 2004. [24] Ibid. [17] While retaining presidency of the UAF, Jbabdi was elected to the Moroccan Parliament in 2007.[18]. فردی که #آپارات را تاسیس کرده بود خود اعتراف کرده بود آپارات نان #فیلترینگ یوتیوب را می‌خ…, نقض آزادی وکلای دادگستری در فضای مجازی [19], Other critics of the Mudawana point out that irrespective of the value of the reforms themselves, the process by which they were achieved is flawed, creates difficulties for their implementation, and can even be considered counter-productive to the process of democratization. Human Rights Education Associates. Development, in many cases includes a process of securing access to rights, and their enforcement, whereas the existence of rights enhances development processes. Octobre 21, 2012. 25 J'ai déjà fait allusion, dans ce qui précède, au code de la famille du Maroc, la Moudawana. The new code was submitted for approval and passed into law by the Parliament in 2004, drastically changing the landscape of family law in Morocco and beyond. [13] As the reform campaign garnered attention and supporters, it also gained some enemies in its fight for women's equality. The history of Morocco shows a divide between the rigid and enforceable nature of the French civil code and the traditional . Most women's organizations in Morocco receive external funding, whether from the government, various Moroccan political parties, or international actors such as USAID, the European Development Bank, and the World Bank, which has left them open to criticisms that their agendas are tied to the sources of their funding and therefore compromised. [13] In addition, the Mudawana is the only section of Moroccan law that relies primarily on Islamic sources, rather than Spanish or French civil codes, which gave it a greater sense of immutability and contributed to the difficulty of reforming it later on. [19] "Country Report: Morocco." Le Conseil de la communauté marocaine à l’étranger (CCME) a organisé, vendredi 14 février 2020, une table-ronde sur le thème « médias et nouvelles technologies : construire une image réelle du Maroc à l’étranger ». Yet the Moudawana, the family code that governs areas of family law such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, and child custody, gave few rights to women when it was first adopted in 1958, reflecting centuries-old customs. While polygamy had become nearly nonexistent, she noted, one out of every ten marriages still involved a minor as of 2007, and the system was facing organizational challenges. #محمدرضاشاه #جهرم #شاه #پهلوی, ویلیام نلسون جوی عضو آکادمی ملی مهندسی، آکادمی هنر و علوم آمریکا است. Moudawana .. [7] Malchiodi, Beth. Les règles du mariage au Maroc DM Dissolution du mariage. 30 June 2009. Abingdon: Routledge, 2007. 19 novembre 2020 à 18 h 47 Safi: un détenu condamné pour terrorisme met fin à ses jours; 19 novembre 2020 à 18 h 27 Maroc/Covid-19: 77 nouveaux décès, dont 25 à Casablanca; 19 novembre 2020 à 17 h 32 Ben Abdelkader répond favorablement aux demandes de certaines fonctionnaires; 19 novembre 2020 à 15 h 45 Covid-19: l’Oriental inquiète ! Civil Society and Political Change in Morocco. Generally speaking, the monarchy, Islam, and the territorial integrity of the Moroccan nation are considered to be the nation's three inviolable "sacred institutions." Faculty of Oriental Studies: University of Oxford. Since the passage of these reforms, women's groups in Morocco have been lobbying to change some discriminatory laws that survived the reforms. Est-il utile de brûler le Coran ? Huffington Post. La Moudawana ou Code du statut personnel marocain est le droit de la famille marocain codifié en 1958 sous le règne du roi Mohammed V.Ce code a été amendé une première fois en 1993 par Hassan II, puis révisé en février 2004 par le Parlement marocain et promulgué par le roi Mohammed VI le 10 octobre 2004.Cette dernière révision améliore entre autres les droits des femmes Le Royaume est signataire de la Convention sur l’élimination de toutes les formes de discrimination à l’égard des femmes (CEDEF). While King Mohamed VI has taken steps to expand Moroccans' political freedoms, like reforming the Moudawana and establishing the Equity and Reconciliation Commission in 2004 to address past government abuses, Morocco's political system remains generally corrupt.[19]. The Maliki school has been the dominant source of Islamic jurisprudence in Morocco since the 10th century. Au Maroc, le nouveau Code de la famille (2004) a introduit des dispositions en faveur du renforcement des droits des femmes et d’une meilleure reconnaissance de l’égalité entre les sexes. Sous l'impulsion du roi, la réforme de la Moudawana - le code de la famille - a marqué un tournant dès 2004 au Maroc. Ministere des Habous et des affaires islamiques - Rabat - Maroc Tel: (212) 5 37 76 68 51 - (212) 5 37 76 68 01 - Rabat - Maroc Tel: (212) 5 37 76 68 51 - (212) 5 37 76 68 01 [6], In 2004, a new Moudawana was enacted that advanced women's rights and overturned many discriminatory provisions. Leila Hanafi . "More Marriage, Less Divorce Attributed to New Moroccan Family Code." [9] Without this license, an association will have difficulty securing funding and has no right to recourse within the Moroccan justice system. The minimum age for women to marry was raised from 15 to 18, the same as the men's minimum age; women no longer needed to obtain approval from a guardian before marrying; men were forbidden from unilaterally divorcing their wives; women were given the right to divorce their husbands; and while it was still permitted for men to have multiple wives, restrictions were imposed to make polygamous marriages harder to obtain and only with the permission of a judge.[7]. La démocratie libérale avancée serait devenue le modèle universel et dominant, à imiter voire à adopter, y compris par la force, comme en témoignent les projets de démocratie dans le grand Moyen-Orient, inspirés par les néoconservateurs américains. The right to petition for divorce belongs to both men and women, though procedures for reconciliation and mediation are encouraged. [29], Women and civil society: foundations of reform, Number One (2008), film by: Zakia Tahri production of: CCM Film Institute, Made In Morocco Film, SNRT, Soread-2M, List of parenting issues affecting separated parents, Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs, "Liberal Outcomes through Undemocratic Means: The Reform of the Code de status personnel in Morocco", "Political Authority in Crisis: Mohammad VI's Morocco", "Women's Learning Partnership: Family Law", "The Moroccan Family Code (Moudawana): An unofficial English translation of the original Arabic text", "The Status of Women in the Middle East and North Africa Project: Focus on Morocco: Opinions on the Family Law and Gender Quotas - Topic Brief", "International NGO Releases Survey Findings on Women's Political Standing in Morocco", "Morocco's Imperfect Remedy for Gender Equality", "More marriage, less divorce attributed to new Moroccan family code", Full text of the code from the Human Rights Education Association, Feature on the Mudawana by Professor Mounira Charrad for the International Museum of Women, Essay about feminism and women's organizations in Morocco, UNDP profile on gender dynamics in Morocco, Global Rights (NGO) page about Morocco, including links to Mudawana resources, Women's Learning Partnership (NGO) page about Morocco, including links to Mudawana resources, New York Times article about the Mudawana, five years after the reforms, Article from Magharebia about the Mudawana, five years after the reforms, Index of online Mudawana resources from Friends of Morocco, A interview with Nouzha Guessous member of the Moudawana commission,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Both spouses share responsibility for the family; “women are men’s sisters before the law.”. "Assessing the Impact of the 2004 Moudawana on Women's Rights in Morocco." [22] The campaign was highly successful and the UAF exceeded their target by collecting more than a million signatures, a considerable achievement given Morocco's total population of only 25 million.[23]. A man may not repudiate his wife without the permission of a judge, and she and her children must be accorded their full rights under the law. A women's rights group known as the Women's Action Union, the Union de l'Action Feminine in French (UAF), and its allies wanted to reform these unjust laws and secure equal rights for women under the family code, thus catalyzing the Moudawana reform movement. Cette dernière révision améliore entre autres les droits des femmes. Of Moroccans who have heard of the new Mudawana, 85% of women and 59% of men support the reforms. [3], Though the UAF and other women's groups were disappointed by the limited nature of the reforms, they still saw the new bill as a victory. Mots clés conditions féminines el othmani femmes Maroc moudawana. 29, alinéa 2). 6 septembre 2020; Islam = Islamisme (10) 22 août 2020; Comment égorger un mouton dans sa salle de bains 12 août 2020; Archives Archives. Moroccans living abroad may complete a marriage contract by drawing it up in the presence of two Muslim witnesses, according to the local laws, and registering it with local Moroccan consular or judicial authorities. It was given the legal status of a utilité publique, an important designation for Moroccan civil society organizations, which allows them to raise funds and be exempt from taxes (similar to non-profit status in the United States). a mon avis il risque gros devant le loi marociane (la prison) car si il est francais uniquement, l'adoul ne pouvait pas le marier sans ccm au consulat de france auparavant. اگر از کاربران #یوتیوب هستید بهتر است بدانید برای حفظ امنیت ضروری است تاریخچه فعالیت‌های…, Happy #YaldaNight? Aujourd'hui en l'aube de 2020 on peut dire que vous aviez incroyablement raison concernant l'impact de ces lois. [21] Levinson; Zvan. A man may only take a second wife if a judge authorizes it, and only if there is an exceptional and objective justification for it, the first wife consents, and the man has sufficient resources to support the two families and guarantee all maintenance rights, accommodation and equality in all aspects of life. [23] Zvan. [25], From a legal standpoint, the Moroccan penal code still does not reflect the principles of gender equality established within the provisions of the Mudawana. She is best known for her work to help improve women's rights through reforming the Mudawana, Morocco's legal code governing family life.She also served as a member of the House of Representatives from 2007 to 2011. Beginning in the 1990s, women's rights organizations in Morocco gained leverage and influence by incorporating progressive elements from academia, publishing, and government, and using rhetoric that drew from Islamic sources as well as the language of national development and the rights of women and children. The framework of the debate around the development and reform of the Moudawana, which has become a part of Moroccan political life from the first years of independence to the present day, reflects, in fact, an amplified and recurrent process of the issues surrounding the … King Mohammed VI, whose reign began in 1999 after the death of his father, was much more sympathetic to their cause than King Hassan II had been; in fact, when he ascended the throne, King Mohammad VI promised in a nationally televised speech that he would work to improve Morocco's human rights record. The proposed reforms drew not only on principles derived from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but also on the Islamic principles of equality, justice, and tolerance. 2001. "H E Latifa Jbabdi." [30] Ibid. One of the clearest indications came on March 12, 2000, when the reformists organized a march to take place in Rabat in recognition of International Women's Day. Morocco in Transition, Middle East Report 218 (Spring 2001). Mehdi 15/09/2020 23:18. il est pas marocain, c'est completement illegal au maroc. Une décennie après son adoption par le Parlement marocain, le nouveau Code de la famille (Moudawana) a consacré l’égalité entre les. [34] However, since more than half of the female population was illiterate at the time when these newspapers developed, there was a need for other forms of outreach, ones with a more widespread impact for building support across the country. Die Moudawana wurde 2004 vom marokkanischen König Mohammed VI. Polygamie : une tendance qui gagne de plus en plus de terrain au Maroc. Moudawana .. "Morocco: A Look At Women's Rights 5 Years After Reforms." The King still holds the majority of political power; with the title of "Commander of the Faithful," he also has the ability to dissolve Parliament, rule by decree, dismiss cabinet members, command the armed forces, exercise religious authority, and preside over the judicial system. "The Politics of the Reform of the New Family Law (the Moudawana). The movement did not stop once they had achieved their original goals. August 2020 . Si Amir je connais la moudawana, mais je ne comprends pas najqt ce que najat atabou lui apporte de aatavou Bass [ MP ] 2 février Espaces de noms Article Discussion. [16] Armed with the canons of Islam, Jbabdi could engage with opponents who said that the reforms contradicted Islam, successfully arguing that some interpretations of the religious texts supported equality for women. Entretien avec Mohamed Saïd Saadi, ancien ministre En 1998, le gouvernement de l’alternance de Youssoufi avait donné le ton, dès le discours d’investiture et a fait de la question de la femme, une priorité. [25] Ibid. "I want the people of Morocco to know that our new law is not only a victory for women, but also for the family, society, and generations to come. [3] Ibid. [16] Levinson, Charles. Husbands and wives now have equivalent rights in house … [11] Moreover, many scholars and activists have pointed out that there was strong support for reform from both sides of the debate; the conflict lay in the source of the reforms and in questions of cultural authenticity.[19]. Traditionalists felt only the king had the right to change the law and the modernists felt that the king had the right to exercise ijtihad and ultimately decide the role that Islamic law would play in Morocco's legal framework. Alya Alami 08/02/2019 - 08:09. "A New Family Law in Morocco." Cinq années après l’entrée en vigueur du code de la famille, nous l’avons fait, puis, à la commémoration de sa première décennie, nous l’avons relancé en organisant un forum ».

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